sezonowa wymiana oponChanging tires is necessary when the tread becomes more and more shallow (in the case of summer tires, it must not be less than 2.5 mm deep and winter tires – 4 mm). This causes less grip of the wheels to the road. Remember that when tires are worn, damaged or insufficiently durable, you should immediately visit a tire service center and replace them. However, if the condition of the tires does not indicate the need for their immediate replacement, the fall-spring cycle is adopted. October and November, rain and humidity affect the condition of roads – on wet, frozen after night or snowy roads, the summer tire will perform much worse than the winter tire. In turn, in late spring, a driver driving on winter tires may have the impression that the car sticks to the road surface – excessive, burdensome and difficult to drive. MC Plus invites you for seasonal tire changeover.

The decision to replace tires should not be limited only to the calendar. October can be either surprisingly warm or frosty, with temperatures below freezing. It is equally difficult to determine when to change from winter to summer tires. A better solution is to use the temperature criterion. Winter tires should be replaced with summer tires if the average daily temperature exceeds 7 degrees Celsius for several consecutive days.

Tire change – scope of work

During replacement, complete wheels are disassembled, and then, using a tire changer, the tires are removed from the rims. After cleaning the edges, apply the assembly paste and put the tires on. These are pumped with air or nitrogen – the latter solution allows to reduce pressure fluctuations caused by temperature changes. The mechanics of MC Plus Gdańsk will also take care of wheeils balancing and checking the condition of the tire valves. In the first stage tightening of the wheels is carried out with a pneumatic or electric wrench. Then the wheel bolts should be tightened with a torque wrench. This will prevent them from unscrewing. On directional tires, the word “rotation” should match the arrow indicating the direction in which it will roll. On asymmetrical tires, on the other hand, pay attention to the word “outside”. This one, after mounting the tire, should be on the outside – as opposed to the side marked “inside”.

When you leave our service it is worth checking the tire pressure. Having the correct recommended tyre pressure in your vehicle’s tyres not only optimises the performance but also increases your personal safety and those of other road users when driving as well as is more economical in use, and is better for the environment. Making sure your tyre pressure is right can help your tyres last longer – even several thousand kilometers more. Insufficient pressure will lead to tread collapse and excessive outer tire wear, as well as increased fuel consumption. On the other hand, too high pressure will also have a negative effect on the car – tight tire tread, which will only touch the road with its center. There will be much more wear here than in other parts, what will cause a negative effect on driving performance. The correct pressure can be checked on a plate or sticker, usually located next to the driver’s door lock or on the inside of the fuel filler flap.

MC Plus Gdańsk invites you to change tires.


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