przechowalnia oponDriving on tires dedicated to specific weather conditions significantly improves our safety on the road.

However, having two sets of tires requires storing one when you are not using it. Tires, or rather rubber are quite delicate product that requires appropriate storage conditions. Storing tires for several winter or summer months in the wrong way and in inappropriate conditions may contribute to faster aging of the rubber, its degeneration or even permanent deformation of the tires. Therefore, if you want your winter / summer tires to serve us for several seasons and retain their optimal properties all the time, we must provide them with proper storage conditions. We invite you to take advantage of the MC Plus Gdańsk – dedicated seasonal tire storage.

Always be sure that you’re storing your tires in a clean, dark and dry environment that’s away from direct sunlight. They should also be kept away from any hot areas, so don’t leave them next to heaters or air ducts. To prevent the special rubber compounds from breaking down before they should, be sure to keep them in an area away where they aren’t touching any grease or oil or sitting in any other substances. MC Plus Tire Repair Service Gdańsk is an ideal place, but if you are storing your tires outside, keep them on a raised platform so they don’t collect or rest in pools of water.

When it’s time to choose a new set or install your existing winter or summer tires, head over to MC Plus Car Service.

Rules of tire storage

We can store a set of tires with or without rims. There are no clear guidelines which method is better, but it is worth mentioning that two sets of tires with rims are a more practical solution. Moreover, removing and fitting tires on rims certainly does not contribute to improving their condition. If the tires are mounted on the rims, they should be stored horizontally in a stack. However, we must remember to swap them every few weeks. Thanks to this, we will avoid the risk of permanent deformation of the tire, which lies at the very bottom. For this reason, special racks are the best equipment for storing tires with rims. Thanks to them, the tires do not touch with each other and there is no need to movining them. Tires with rims can also be hung using appropriate hangers or placed vertically. MC Plus Gdańsk experts recommend that the tires not mounted on the rims should be set vertically and turned every few weeks in order to avoid permanent deformation.

Regardless of how we store tires, it will be a good idea to buy special covers that protect them against unfavorable external factors. Remember that after removing the tires from the car, especially after winter, rinse them with water and detergent and check that the tread is free of any objects (like nails) and its depth is sufficient. It is also a good idea to rub the tires with maintenance products. By following these few simple rules concerning storage of tires, they will retain their optimal properties and will serve us in good condition for several seasons.


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