regeneracja felgEven top aluminum rims are battered and scratched after several years of driving on potholed streets and curbs. The rim is systematically covered with hard-to-remove brake dust, which is periodically washed off with a strong acid or detergent. Effect? The old aluminum rim loses its greatest value – it ceases to decorate the car. If we care about the effective appearance of the car, we have to renew the aluminum rims. Impressive aluminum rims can give a great look even to a very average car.

The proper service will restore rims to their former glory. You can also go a step further and have the rims painted with an extraordinary varnish or their edges polished. The cheapest thing is to straighten steel rims, but in this case the task is not easy. Steel is a hard material that allows it to straighten in the area of the edges without much difficulty. Serious side damage is unfortunately difficult and sometimes impossible to remove completely.

When you decide to mechanically straighten rims, you need to be aware that after such a regeneration, the steel rim will most likely require varnishing. If it is additionally heavily damaged and rusty, it is best to sand the entire rim. This procedure helps to get rid of corrosion and deep pits in the paintwork. At MC Plus Gdańsk, after sandblasting, the rim is protected with an anti-corrosion agent and then painted.

Give your car a perfect shine with the MC Plus Gdańsk service.


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